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Annette Thandaza Chitawo

Avon Justine

We are delighted to introduce you to Annette Thandaza Chitawo, an Avon Sales Leader from Malawi who joined Avon in 2020. Annette has seen tremendous success with her Avon business due to using her creative marketing skills to attract loyal customers and new Representatives by boosting her posts on Facebook. Additionally, as part of her recruitment and retention strategy, she informs her Representatives that they will receive free gifts from Avon for four months following their appointment.


“My Facebook page, Thanda’s Online Shop, promotes my business and the benefits of becoming an Avon Representative, including earning an additional income if you are already employed and becoming a full-time representative if unemployed”, she says.


In a recent post she shared on Facebook, 4514 people were reached and 371 people clicked on it. By linking her business page to her business telephone number, she has enabled those who have clicked on her posts to communicate directly with her via WhatsApp so they can learn more about joining Avon or products by directly reaching out to her.


“I can assure you that my experience with boosting my posts has helped me to successfully recruit new Representatives. The type of content I share and boost on my Facebook page is my Avon ON personalised digital brochure. One of the best things about my digital brochure is that it is shared only once and those who see it also share it!”, she comments.