The DSA South Africa Has many success stories. Some of them below.

Table Charm

From Educator to Entrepreneur

I joined Table Charm as a part time job in 1998. As a teacher and later a principal, I never thought Table Charm would later become a big part of my life. The turn-around came in November 2002 after attending the Table Charm Big Bash. A dream was born in me after realising that Table Charm can support me and my family.

In March 2003 I attended a training for a Manager position. During the same year I branched out two Managers from my team. 2004 was a land mark for me: hard work at Table Charm earned me my first overseas trip to Singapore. It was such a great moment that put me and Table Charm on the map. People around me started to notice the change Table Charm was making in my life and family.

In 2006 my husband and I realised that we can change our careers from working in the public service department to being entrepreneurs. This thought dominated our minds to an extent that whatever we did was aimed at financial and professional freedom one day. This could only happen through Table Charm. The extra money I made was channelled to property. This earned us our first property investment.

Backed by extra income from Table Charm, I applied for a bond for a second investment property and it was granted. At the same time we bought our third house in Nelspruit, my husband no longer had to do everything on his own due to my earnings at Table Charm.

In 2008, the biggest change of my life happened. I left teaching where I was a principal to be a full time Distributor. On the entrepreneur side we had also bought a free stand, we had planned to build a block of flats. 2013 was a perfect time to start the flat project. Two of the nine flats are complete and we already have tenants. My husband has joined me as a full time pastor and entrepreneur. Meanwhile Table Charm continues to provide the much needed cash for me and my husband.

In addition to all this, Table Charm has done what no one can do for me by flying me to Singapore, Bali, Dubai, Hong Kong, France and Mauritius. I have no words to express my gratitude to Table Charm for helping ease my journey from just a teacher to an entrepreneur.


How I doubled my salary in a year

I am a 43 year old married woman blessed with two lovely children, Dineo and Joas. I am staying in Bendor, a suburb in the City of Polokwane in Limpopo.

I was introduced to Justine by a friend in 1998 as a means to make extra money while I was still working at a bank. I decided to try it and joined Justine as a Consultant. By 2005, I was a Justine Business Leader although still working full time.

In February 2010 I attended a Business Leaders’ workshop at Fourways, Gauteng and was motivated by the amazing success stories presented by full time Justine Business Leaders. They shared with us on how they strategised to make their business grow. This was the turning point of my business. Following the workshop, I was so inspired that I recruited 50 consultants from having only 6 before. By December 2010 I had resigned from my position as a Customer Service manager at the Bank so I could focus on my Justine Business. The success of my Justine business continued with my earnings growing to double what I was earning at the Bank for many years.

In 2011, I opened my Justine office at Dada House Building, office 306 at Grobler Street in the center of the city (Polokwane). By the end of 2011, I had 125 registered Consultants and my salary tripled! During that time I was also one of the top sellers of the new Justine Utopia fragrance, the reward for which was a weekend away for two to the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe. My husband and I enjoyed 3 beautiful days at the Victoria Falls including a sunset cruise in the perennial Zambezi river in March this year. 

In May, Justine spoiled me and 14 other top achieving Justine Business Leaders with an eight day trip to Bali in Indonesia. We spent our nights at a 5 star hotel and toured the province of Bali, admiring its beauty and rice plantations. The other highlights of this outing were meeting different people with diverse cultures as well as experiencing the country’s popular mode of transport, the motorbike transport. We also enjoyed a cruise along the islands.

Because of the incredible earnings and the great recognition and rewards from the company I really enjoy what I am doing and always looking forward to the next day. In addition I have groomed, developed and motivated my team to reach the same level of success.


After my husband died in 2006 she had to depend on her Avon earnings. The income helped her to support her step-daughter who was just 19 years old at the time. She was also able to provide for her brother's teenage daughter as she is the sole breadwinner at home.

In 2009 she bought a laptop to help her run her Avon business more efficiently. By 2011 she had managed to buy a stand with a two bedroom house cash using the earnings from her business.

She continues to work hard so can accomplish more for herself as well as her family.