Academic Partnership

The Direct Selling Association of South Africa co-developed the DSA-UJ Project in partnership with the University of Johannesburg to provide practical personal selling and sales management experience for students studying the subjects Personal Selling and Sales Management within the requirements of Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

The programme deliverable is to effectively contribute to the practical sales, entrepreneurial and life skills development of students; to enable students to enjoy a positive direct selling experience for the duration of the programme whilst working towards meeting their sales targets; to guide students in how to build a small direct selling business that can continue to grow and generate income on completion of their studies; and, to provide practical experience that can assist in increasing students employability in the formal sector on completion of their studies.

The DSA-UJ Project has twice been awarded the prestigious global ”Innovation through Programming” Award, presented by the WFDSA for its ”outstanding academic programme”. The Awards were presented to the DSA South Africa at the triennial World Congress in London in 2005 and in Singapore in 2008.